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Tarrant County Northeast Courthouse - Government and Municipal LED Sign - Hurst TX

Pitch: 16MM
Size: 2ft 7in x 6ft 9in
Matrix: 48x128
Type: Brick Monument / Double Face
Color: Full Color RGB




Northeast Tarrant County with its excellent quality of life and education has attracted many families and is considered one of the fastest-growing areas in North Texas! Due to the robust growth and ever-expanding population, Tarrant County Northeast Courthouse was opened to help better serve residents with services such as their property taxes, car titles, and birth certificates! Tarrant County installed an LED Sign which is perfect for allowing the city to quickly and efficiently communicate with the community about special events, important information, hours of operations, closings and much much more!  The LED Sign is located nearby on the main road which ensures maximum exposure and is a guaranteed way to keep residents informed on all that is going on in Tarrant County.  In addition, our signs are cloud-based which is an ideal solution for cities and municipalities because it allows you to easily program the sign from anywhere in your web browser.  This allows you to quickly send out important alerts and emergency messages immediately ensuring the safety and security of the community.  

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