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Advanced Kar Kare - Oil Change Shop LED Sign - Arlington TX

Pitch: 16MM / 8 Virtual
Size: 3ft 2in x 6ft 4in
Matrix: 60x120 / 120x240 Virtual
Type: Monument / Double Face
Color: Full Color RGB


Any smart business person knows that you must advertise in order to grow and build your business.  As part of their advertising strategy, Advanced Kar Kare Valvoline installed LED Signs to help establish their presence in the community.  Advanced Kar Kare has found that LED Signs are very effective and useful in increasing business by advertising specials, promotions, discounts, and other important information!

All of the LED Signs are connected to the internet and can be easily managed and programmed using our internet-based software.  This allows a single person from the corporate office to easily see what all of the signs at all of the stores are displaying, target specific stores with specific specials and messages to cater to the community and be able to build a cohesive brand by using similar advertising materials.  Our software also has a built-in option to give you access to professional graphic designers which can create custom graphics