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Beale AFB CA

Pitch: 20MM / 10MM Virtual
Size: 8ft 8in x 4ft 9in
Matrix: 72x132 / 144x264 Virtual 
Type: Brick Monument Pole / Single Face
Color: Full Color RGB


Beale Air Force Base is a large military installation which is known for their contributions in providing the latest technologies and receives many important guest and visitors.  Beale AFB uses their LED Sign on their Flightline to greet Generals, Government Officials, and other important guests to make a lasting impression by acknowledging their visit and thanking them for their support.  The LED Signs can also display important flight information such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and many other important factors to keep pilots and airmen aware of current flight conditions to keep them safe.  In addition, the LED Sign can also display mission statements, vision and goals and making sure everyone is on the same page making for a more effective fighting force.