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Midlothian Hawkins Spring Park - Midlothian TX

Pitch: 12MM / 6MM Virtual
Size: 4ft x 7ft 11in
Matrix: 100x200 / 200x400 Virtual
Type: Brick Monument / Single Face
Color: Full Color RGB




The City of Midlothian, which is famous for its large Cement Industry, is an industrious and quickly growing city in North Texas.  In order to get important information and increase the safety of the community, Midlothian has installed a new Electronic Digital LED Marquee Sign at Hawkins Spring Park.  The high resolution and eye-catching LED Signs have is located at a busy intersection which is a perfect way to get citizens of Midlothian informed and involved in local events.  The full Color LED Sign can quickly get important messages out and is especially useful in emergency situations such as hail, tornado, flash flood or thunderstorm warnings.  The system is also FEMA IPAWS (public alert warning system) enabled which allows the sign to automatically show warning messages when FEMA puts out an alert to keep everyone safe!