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Bethel Lutheran Church - Dallas TX

Pitch: 16MM / 8MM Virtual
Size: 7ft 11in x 3ft 2in
Matrix: 60x150 / 120x300 Virtual
Type: Cabinet / Double Face 
Color: Full Color RGB




Bethel was founded in 1953 and has occupied the current location since 1965. The congregation has been served by 6 pastors in its 60+ year history. Bethel Lutheran Church replaced their changeable letter sign with a Full-Color LED Sign! With the New LED Sign, Bethel Lutheran Church can now easily and quickly program everything from the comfort of their office.  The New Church Sign can easily scroll through several messages and can quickly inform the community of special events, sermon times, services, and other important information! The LED Sign has is very effective in getting the word out and has quickly become an important part of the Church and the surrounding community.