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Garden Ridge Church of Christ - Lewisville TX

Pitch: 16MM / 8MM Virtual
Size: 3ft 2in x 8ft 8in
Matrix: 60x165 / 120x330 Virtual
Type: Pole Monument / Double Face
Color: Full Color RGB






Garden Ridge Church of Christ updates its community on special events and other important information with an LED Sign.  When it worked they never knew how much of an impact the sign had on the community since no one ever complained or talked about the sign.  However, when their old sign started having issues and the sign became un-repairable the sign was left blank.  It was only after people started calling in to ask about the sign did they realize how much the community depended on the Church's LED Sign for new news and information!  In fact, the calls continued for months after the sign stopped functioning showing you how important the LED Sign was to the community!

The LED Sign allows the Church to deliver information efficiently to nearby traffic at any time of the day.  The LED Marquee provides information to the neighborhood so the community can participate in upcoming events such as Vacation Bible Schools, Food Pantries, Celebrate Recovery, Bible Studies, Easter, Christmas Services and much more! Pastors can even send the topic of that week's sermon to the sign and Promote Guest speakers using their LED Sign. The possibilities of Digital Signage for Churches is