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VA Northport - Veterans Hospital LED Sign - NY

Pitch: 19MM / 9.5MM Virtual
Size: 2ft x 7ft
Matrix: 32x112 / 64x224 Virtual
Type: Monument / Double Face
Color: Full Color RGB

VA Northport is dedicated to Honoring America's veterans by providing exceptional care that improves their health and overall well-being.  A LED Sign installed at the Main Entrance of the VA Hospital is perfect for greeting Visitors, Guests, Veterans and Family.  The sign can display important information, provide directions, closures, warnings, weather advisories and more!.  The LED Marquee is also perfect for showing appreciation, recognition and honoring Veterans for the sacrifices they have made.  Many LED Signs quickly become an important landmark for the community and is a great way to advertise your presence and make it easier for people to find the VA Hospital!  LED Signs are very flexible, low cost and highly visible! No wonder so many VA Hospitals and Government Organizations are getting Digital Signage to meet their communication needs!