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Harmony School of Innovation - Dallas TX

Pitch: 16MM / 8MM Virtual
Size: 6ft 4in x 15ft
Matrix: 120x285 / 240x570 Virtual
Type: Pole Sign / Double Face
Color: Full Color RGB




Harmony’s School of Business Vision is to prepare students to be productive and responsible citizens through rigorous, high-quality education focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  To support this Vision, Harmony recently purchased High-Resolution Billboard LED Sign tp advertise their services and attract students to their campuses.  The eye-catching LED Sign is located near the entrance and is next to the Service Road / Major Tollway which is guaranteed to get everyone's attention.  Digital LED Signs are the perfect solution to ensure student success by reminding students of special events, holidays, reminders, and other important information. It is an ideal tool to show appreciation and show recognition to Students, Teacher, Parents, Clubs, and is a great tool to motivate students to succeed!