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Midlothian Conference Center - Midlothian TX

Pitch: 12MM / 6MM Virtual 
Size: 2ft 5in x 9ft 6in 
Matrix: 60x240 / 120x480 Virtual 
Type: Brick Monument / Single Face 
Color: Full Color RGB




The Midlothian Conference Center offers a spacious facility designed to fit a large variety of different events.  The 39,000-square foot facility can easily accommodate parties ranging from just a few people to over 1000 guest!  With so many events always going on at the Conference Center, they can now easily advertise and inform the public of special events and gatherings with their dazzling new Digital LED Marquee!  With the upgraded resolution of the new LED Sign, they can display much more information easily and allow the public to better understand what is happening and being offered at the Conference Center.  With eye-catching colors and graphics, the LED Sign at Midlothian Conference Center can easily help draw in larger crowds and help ensure every event is a big success!