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Outdoor LED Signs & Displays
Outdoor LED Signs can be used to advertise your products and services at a moment’s notice to dramatically increase your company sales and profits like no other advertising medium can.
We offer a full Selection of Outdoor LED Signs, LED Marquees, Message Centers, Electronic Signs and LED Displays, available in full color, monochrome 256 shades, text, graphics, and video. Our scrolling LED message systems will surpass your LED sign needs. Contact us first for all your outdoor LED sign requirements and get a no-cost, no-obligation quote.


Entech Mono Series - Outdoor LED Signs

Available in Red or Amber, 256 Shades
Entech Mono 17mm
AlphaEclipse StreetSmart Series - Outdoor LED Signs
AlphaEclipse StreetSmart Series - Outdoor LED Signs
The Entech Mono Series 17mm series is specifically designed to provide highly visible outdoor advertising along any local city street. 5-Inch to 22-inch letters, and high display resolution make it ideal for monument applications, lower pylon, and slower city traffic volumes. Brilliant red or amber LEDs with 256-shades/grayscaling will grab attention and bring more drive-by customers into your business.
Entech Mono Series Brochures in PDF

Entech EC Mono/RGB Series- Outdoor LED Signs

Entech EC Mono/RGB 23mm
EzView Series 23mm Mono
23mm Mono
EzView Series 23mm RGB
23mm RGB
An Entech EC Mono/RGB electronic message center from ENTECH is more than just a sign—it’s a total advertising solution! Combined with our exclusive Ooh!Media 2009™ programming software , Entech EC Mono/RGB captures today ’s customer where it really matters— out, about, and ready to buy!
Efficient Digital Design at a Price Point Breakthrough

Whether you ’re upgrading from an older unit or are completely new to digital EMC,s ENTECH’s Entech EC Mono/RGB color display features the latest in imaging and reliability at an amazingly low price. A dazzling array of millions of colors , along with wired or wireless connectivity and intuitive Ooh!Media™ content creation and scheduling software make it easy to achieve that “WOW” factor for owners as well as the passing public.
Maintenance Free

Entech EC Mono/RGB's state-of-the-art electronics and modular design are designed to run cool, run green, and run longer. Heat output and power consumption are minimized, eliminating the need for venting, filters, or mechanical cooling devices. With ENTECH’s patented Protector™ case and conformal coatings, sensitive components are totally sealed from damage caused by environmental contaminants. corrosion, rain, dust, and salt fog. EzView users will see low power bills , and , with no filters to change or vents to unclog , low maintenance cost .
Entech EC Mono/RGB Series Brochure in PDF
Entech EC Mono/RGB 23mm Mono
Entech EC Mono/RGB 23mm RGB

Entech RGB Series - Outdoor LED Signs

Entech RGB Series:  8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm

AlphaEclipse Excite Series - Outdoor LED Signs
The Entech RGB series is designed to provide the ultimate outdoor advertising experience. High-resolution video impact adds excitement to your business, and provides the latest technology that will meet your needs now and into the future. Entech RGB Series designs are all digital. Don’t even consider investing in old analog VGA processing or VGA converter systems like our competitor’s use. Excite’s advanced architecture provides lightning fast DVI connectivity, pure image transmissions without analog loss, and huge led display processing.

Digital Design - All DVI digital connectivity, and reliability – throughout our entire design. PureColor™ LED processing wows your targeted viewing audience without color or image loss. Standard Embedded PC design enables powerful control; fast downloads of huge les , and industry standard Ethernet connectivity.

Maintenance Free - All weather Protector™ sealed case design eliminates vents, filters and environmental contaminants. No more corrosion issues or concerns associated with rain, dust, and salt fog. To provide another level of protection, sensitive internal electronics are conformal coated.
• Video board or marquee message center – Two different standard product offerings
• Flexible – Many modular sizes from 2’ x 4’ to 14’ x 48’ billboard dimensions
• Powerful – Visible from 85’ to over 1500’, high resolution fits any main street or highway need
• Efficient – Energy Smart LED technology that is affordable, reliable and energy efficient
• Profitable – No other out -of-home medium provides a faster ROI through increased sales & profits

Entech RGB Series Brochure in PDF

Entech RGB Series EA16
Entech RGB Series EA20
AlphaEclipse Excite Series - Outdoor LED Signs
AlphaEclipse Excite Series - Outdoor LED Signs

Virtual Resolution (VR) is not a myth, its real technology

resulting in smoother graphics and extremely fluid video. The pixels are able to share the LEDs between them, thus halving the distance from one pixel to another and virtually doubling the resolution of the display enhancing the content. (ex: If you have a 20mm display with a 48 x 96 matrix, it’s virtual resolution would be double at 96 x 192).
No Strain: VR technology simply shares LEDs. We added extra driver IC’s to the modules to provide the computing power to control the complex algorithms.

No Pain: VR does not require more power or require overdriving the LEDs. Overdriving LEDs is a poor choice for a short-game sale which causes a display’s LEDs to degrade faster and the sign to lose performance over time.

More Gain: A 20mm virtual will make the display look crisper and more defined with sharper images and smoother lines. It’s an upgrade on the system which makes it stand out.

Entech Large Mono Series - Outdoor LED Signs

ALPHAEclipse RoadStar Series - Outdoor LED Signs
Entech Large Mono Series
The Entech Large Mono series is designed for maximum visibility along highways, highly elevated installations, or any application requiring long distance visibility. Character sizes from 17.5" to over 9' feet tall.

  • AlphaNet™ software included with exclusive user tutorial CBT (computer based training) program
  • Five-year limited factory depot warranty
    PureColor™, exposed LED pixel design enables optimized readability
  • Convenient calendar scheduling of messages
  • Display text, graphics and animations (BMP/GIF)
  • Front access to all electronic components
  • Modular design enables fast delivery
  • Over 200 sizes from 1.5' x 5' to 14' x 46'
  • Convenient PC control from home/office
  • Wired or wireless connectivity
  • 256 shades of red or amber
  • Protector™ case keeps out external contaminates
  • No filters to maintain and clean
  • Entech Large Mono Brochure in PDF
    ENTECH offers a diverse selection of monument designs. You can choose from one of forty standard models, or design your own! As master fabricators, for us the manufacturing process of custom foam monument structures is a breeze. Simply choose your design, graphics, and message and we'll put it all together for you.

    We also have hand sculpted, stone and brick designs to add the perfect finishing touch to your next architectural monument project.
    • Exceptional Durability • Cost Effective • Lightweight
    • Superior Versatility • Easy To Install • Simulated Concrete Finish
    Stone Monument Signs and Brick Monument Signs have never been easier! Choose one of our standard stone designs or send us a picture of your existing brick or stone and we will be glad to provide a custom color match free-of-charge.

    All of our faux stone designs are hand sculpted by our team of skilled artists using a mixture of artistic mediums; then fully encapsulated in our exclusive hybrid plastic polymer hard coat that eliminates fading, peeling or ripping.
    NEW! Entech Signs Monument Catalog
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