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World Time Zone Clocks
LED Clocks, LED Timers, LED Counters

All our World Time Zone Clocks offer the following features:

  • 12- or 24-hour display
  • Non-glare lens for readability
  • Super-bright LED technology
  • Anodized Aluminum Frame for durability
  • Wireless Remote Control for easy programming
  • 10-year Lithium Battery that ensure accuracy even after a power failure
  • Guaranteed 1-second a Year Accuracy (TCXO)
  • Automatic International Daylight Savings Correction available
  • Display Any Combination of time zones anywhere in the world
  • Custom vinyl and LED lettering to your specifications
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty
We offer three types of World Time Zone Digital Wall Clock:

Time Zone Clocks are custom made and non-returnable, please request and review specifications before ordering.


Bar Time Zone Clocks

Displayed across a horizontal bar, you can choose from 2 and up to 8 time zones. Time display heights range from 1.8” up to 4” allowing for readability at any distance. Standard red LED is available, with green and blue upon special request. Time zone locations can appear with vinyl or LED lettering depending upon your needs and budget.

Dot Matrix Clocks

Using dot matrix technology, this clock has simple yet powerful versatility. Displays are made up of many small LED lights for specific time and location settings. Fully programmable, dot matrix clocks allow you to stack location and time zones that best fit your business. LED lettering is available in red, green, yellow and blue and the width of each display can range from .7” to 2”.

Custom Time Zone Clocks

Need a custom design? Entech can customize most digital wall clocks or LED signs to accommodate any type of military application, business, school, or hospital. Pick and choose from our wide selection of digit and LED displays. Custom clocks can display time, location, electronic LED letters, vinyl letters, month/date, julian date, as well as count up and countdown tracking.

Custom clocks and timers are available.  We have various sizes and options to choose from.


Typical Time Zone Clcks with Vinyl Lettering

(PDF Format)
EBTZ-42418-6 EBTZ-42425-8 EBTZ-42440-4
EBTZ-42418-8 EBTZ-42425-16R EBTZ-42440-5
EBTZ-42425-5 EBTZ-42440-2 EBTZ-42440-6
EBTZ-42425-6 EBTZ-42440-3 EBTZ-42440-7

Typical Time Zone Clocks with Electronic Zones and/or Dates

(PDF Format)
EBTZ-42418-2-DACR-2 EBTZ-42425-5ERR-DAC-5Y-ETHR EBTZ-42440-4ER-DAC-4R
EBTZ-42418-5ERR EBTZ-42425-6-E EBTZ-42440-4ERR
EBTZ-42418-8ERR-DACJY-1T EBTZ-42425-6ER EBTZ-42440-5RRG2inch
EBTZ-42418-8ERY EBTZ-42425-8ERY-USB EBTZ-42440-6-ER-DAC-6
EBTZ-42425-4EG-DAC-4Y EBTZ-42440-2EGG EDTZ-42420-4ERR
EBTZ-42425-4ERR EBTZ-42440-3ERR EDTZ-42420-5ERR

Custom Time Zone Clocks & Counters

(PDF Format)
EBTZ-42418-2-BET EBTZ-42425-5ERR-DAC-5Y EBTZ-42440-4ER-DAC-4R
EBTZ-42418-5-DACJY EBTZ-42425-6-DCL-6Y EBTZ-42440-5-ER-DAC-5
EBTZ-42418-8EBB-MSB EBTZ-42425-9ERR-DACR-9-USB40Y EDTZ-42420-4ERR

Warranty & Terms and Conditions

Clock Warranty Statement
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